David Hammons
Manchester United made life hard for themselves again, as they needed to post a dramatic three goal comeback to earn a point in their 3-3 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge - and here are some of the post-match reactions.

Brian Torkkola
Five Clear, Four Remain
The juicy prospect of claiming the league crown before kickoff against City, with full honor guard action mind you, evaporated in the loss to Wigan.

Kyle Diller
Despite securing three points and moving top of the table in the Champions League group, there was plenty to be frustrated about by United’s performance Wednesday, perhaps nothing more so than Anderson’s miserable performance.

Scott The Red
Time To Replace Brick Wall With Youth?
It’s easy for football fans to get carried away when their team or individual players are doing well. It’s just as easy for fans to lose all faith as soon as a rough patch comes along, forgetting all the superfluous praise being heaped on a week or two before after a fancy bit of football or a great result.

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